Answers To A Few Questions…

Q: Is this site free? 
A: Yes, 100%… for both job posters and talent.

Q: Why are you doing it then? 
A: A few reasons. #1, we’re scratching our own itch. Carrot, our fast growing Oregon based SaaS is constantly hiring and sometimes it’s tough to find the best place to find talent for tech companies outside of the normal places. I’m also on the board of the Oregon Tech Foundation (the foundation for the #1 technical school in Oregon, OIT) and I’ve noticed so many of our grads (software engineers, mechanical engineers, graphic designers, marketers, systems admins, etc.) going to larger companies like Boeing, Intel, Mentor Graphics to name a few. Actually they have a direct pipeline of this amazing talent and hire more OIT grads than any other companies because… in their own words… “OIT students come prepared to make an impact on day one and don’t need the training that we see most students from the other Oregon universities needing”.

So we thought we’d see what we can do to get more OIT students into smaller tech companies and startups and create that pipeline that the larger companies have. Now, this isn’t just an OIT student and alumni board… that’s just where we’re starting. But no matter where you came from, if you’re talented and looking to work at an Oregon based tech company… you’re at the right place.

Q: Who is behind this website? 
A: I’m Trevor Mauch, CEO of Carrot a fast growing Roseburg, Oregon based SaaS company. We LOVE entrepreneurs and have created other initiatives to help improve the entrepreneur ecosystem in Oregon… specifically rural Oregon. The largest Startup Weekend outside of Portland and Bend (90+), theLoft Entrepreneur Workspace (8k sq ft full of amazing creative companies), the Young Entrepreneur Society (300+ members and 60-70 people a month at our PubTalks in Roseburg), the Roseburg Angel Investor Network (we’ve invested over $700k in 3 years into Oregon startups)… and more. This is just another part of our efforts to help strengthen the Oregon startup community.

Q: Will there ever be a fee to post a job / internship on this site? 
A: Honestly, no plans to charge a fee right now… but we want this effort to be self sustaining as quickly as possible. So if we start to get a lot of jobs / internships being submitted, we’ll likely charge a small posting fee to cover our costs of running the service… but it’ll be low cost and a no brainer. Our aim isn’t to make money doing this… it’s to provide tons of value and hopefully attract amazing talent for our own company as well.

Want to connect with us for something else? Awesome! Find me on Facebook, Twitter, or hit me up via email at trevor [at] oncarrot [dot] com.

Chat soon!

– Trevor

Trevor Mauch
CEO of Carrot
Founder of…
theLoft Entrepreneur Workspace