Have A Job Or Internship Open You’re Looking To Fill?

If you’re an Oregon technology company or startup and have a job or internship you’re looking to fill in those hard to find, but valuable,┬ároles in your company like…

  • Software engineers / coders
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Content writers
  • Sales
  • PR
  • Graphic Designers
  • Web Designers / Developers
  • even Customer Success rock stars…

… submit your job or internship details below for FREE and we’ll email it to our growing list of great Oregon talent on our next monthly email blast.

Why Doesn’t This Cost Anything?

Honestly, we’re scratching our own itch for our fast growing Oregon based SaaS, Carrotly, and thought we’d also take this opportunity to help the entire Oregon tech and startup ecosystem by making it easier to find great talent in those hard to find positions. Also to create a direct stream from some of the best Oregon colleges, like Oregon Tech, where amazing software engineers and graphic artists are being trained every year. Most of that talent ends up going directly to larger companies like Boeing, Intel, Mentor Graphics, and others… when a lot of the best students may love to be a part of a smaller company but just don’t know how to find out about those openings.

This will help us find great talent for our own fast growing SaaS company and will help close that gap in our tech ecosystem.

So ready? You truly have nothing to lose.

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